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·       Held annually by GalawezhCultural Centre since 1996 in the city of Sulaimaniya/ Iraqi Kurdistan
·       TheCentre headquartersis located in Sulaimaniya. It has branches across the country.
·       It is an independent centreconcerned with literature andenlightenment culture.
·       The Festival is named after a literary magazine calledGalawezh which had been issued by the renowned Kurdish writer Ibrahim Ahmed during the 1940s in Baghdad.
·       The Centre organizes literary and cultural events for writers and artists.
·       Hundreds of cultural events have been held in Kurdish and Arabic for writers inside and outside the country.
·       Galawezh Festival, which is the first of its kind in Kursdistan, has been held annually (usually in November) by the Centre for nearly two decades with no interruption.
·       The Centre invites Kurdish, Arab, Persian, Turkish and Iraqi writers to participate in the Festival. Many of prominent writers from Syria, Iran and Europe have attended the Festival and contributed with their work.
·       Every year the Centre pays tribute to a number of writers.
·       On the final day of Festival, the winning poet, writer or translater will be announced and awarded Hussain Aref Prize (which replaced Ahmed Hardi Prize since 2014).
·       The Centre awards the prestigious Kurdistan Prize to a unique author. The prize for the first time was awarded to the well-known Syrian poet Adonis on 23/04/2009 in Sulaimaniya. And for the second time was awarded to the germany-kurdish writter sherko fatah on November 2014,  and for the third time to to the germany poet folker brown on October 2015.
       website: www.galawej.com
       Email:[email protected]
       Tel: 07480134687- 3302158- 07701420909